How COVID-19 Has Changed Our Lives

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We were fortunate to work through the pandemic, although there are restrictions on many companies and the work they were handling. Many people were not open to calling people to their homes during the pandemic because there was a chance that they could catch the Coronavirus. Everyone was trying to stay as safe as possible, and they delayed most of these in-person repairs to a different time. They could not delay some tasks, and people made exceptions. However, there were others, which they did push forward till things started getting better.

Working in domestic applications repair and maintenance, which was also an essential service, meant that we were getting work throughout the pandemic. However, it was challenging, and we had to handle the process while following all the rules at the time, including wearing our masks and maintaining social distance among the other rules.

If we were to guess the changes that would take place over the next six months, in my opinion, COVID-19 should weaken its impact on the home appliance market. Several people were already vaccinated, which will increase the percentage of calls from customers who need to repair broken appliances. There were many changes with getting through the process and the number of people availing our services started decreasing. The number of people calling in also reduced, but some calls were asking us if there were minor fixes that they could handle themselves to get the appliance running temporarily. Not everyone was open to the changes taking place, and many were waiting for things to get better.

Fortunately, we did not make any changes to the way we talked and communicated with our clients. We were still using our phones and email as much as we were in the past. We were just as prompt with connecting to our audience as we ever were. Likewise, we did not make any changes to our work hours. We were working the same number of hours that we were in the past, and we were getting through everything in record timing.

Although the authorities made it a requirement for most to work remotely, we could not start because most of our job was in person. We handled the communication and coordination remotely, but we had to get most of the work that we were running in person. However, we follow all the changes that have been implemented and make sure that we are not missing anything. Our teams wear their masks and sanitize before entering a client’s house and just after leaving. We make sure we keep our equipment clean and safe as well.

With the work we handle, we communicate through our phones and do not have any information that could compromise anything if it were in the wrong hands. The changes that we get through are common. We do not have a secure server when we are passing information from one person to another. We use calls, Whatsapp, and text messages to communicate with our clients and extended teams.

When it comes to communicating with our clients, we are open to meeting them in person. We would have to do that to get the job done. We do not mind an additional meeting to check out the scope of work and provide an estimate. We make sure that our clients are following the rules as well.

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